Ward Brook Center

For over a decade, the Ward Brook Center has provided practical training for Rwandan teachers, students, and administrators. Both in the classroom and beyond, our conferences on how to combat HIV-AIDs have enabled Rwandans to experience learning through discussion groups for the first time.

The Center has also developed a partnership between Vermonters and 150 members of the Girimpuhwe Association of people living with HIV-AIDs to build a community work center. Volunteers facilitate training in sewing, bead work, furniture making, and weaving, and teach members conversational English.

Ward Brook currently supports fifty Rwandan children, K-12 with school fees and other education costs.  A modest donation can support one student for an entire year.

Finally, via the Rwanda by Invitation program, the Center hosts visits and organizes programs for persons and small groups visiting Rwanda.

For more information, contact Glenn Hawkes, Ed.D., Director

Dr. Glenn, with two Vermont high school students, teaching a song to the children of Teddy's School -- where Teddy (in white dress) provides education for 300 of Rwanda's poorest children

At this Ward Brook sponsored conference, Rwandan teachers participate in discussion groups for the very first time ever!

Girimpuhwe Association members at their community work center